BARliteLED™ puts LED lighting onto metal shelves

The recently launch BARliteLED™ range of products from Bartuf is going from strength to strength in the world of retail display. Already installed in a large number of in store retail displays, the system has received some excellent feedback and has delivered some very positive results for many retailers.

BARliteLEDThe simplicity of this product allows you to fit the BARliteLED™ system to a vast array of retail displays from magazine shelving to confectionery displays. Having a very simple bracket allows the BARliteLED™ product to be fitted to a display retrospectively without the need for any tools keeping the retail installation time to a minimum.

This is very much the case when it comes to fitting retail display lighting to metal shelving systems such as Caem, Tego, Eden, AMX35 and others. The BARliteLED™ brackets simply hook on to the metal shelf brackets and the metal shelf can then be sat BARliteLEDover the top to create illumination on to your metal shelving display system. This method of adding lighting allows you to position the light at the very front of the shelf to gain maximum illumination on to the product below.

Ideal for:
–          alcohol displays
–          health and beauty aisle
–          confectionery
–          electrical goods
–          and much more

Bartuf like to keep it simple…order the BARliteLED™ product today and you will not need any additional components to fit this to your metal shelving. Quick and simple to install, you will be up and running in minutes.


Visit the BARliteLED™ website to find out more or call our sales team on 0845 130 2266 to discuss your requirements and learn more about how BARliteLED™ can bring success to your in store retail displays.


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2 responses to “BARliteLED™ puts LED lighting onto metal shelves

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